Honors Thesis Student

I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology from Toronto, Canada. Under the guidance of Dr. Vivian Zayas and Randy Lee, I am working on an honors thesis concerning the social regulatory functions of emojis in romantic attachment relationships. In between classes and trying to find out whether people care about emojis, I spend a great deal of my down-time training as a member of Cornell's Varsity Track & Field team as well as working on a start-up charity called Minds on Math.

Clayton Jeffrey

Research Assistants

Danny Vieira

Payton Murphy

Olivia Baryluk

Ian Duke

Aliza Klingenstein

Amelia Ng

Sasha Milton

Sophia Fleischer

Zachary Hawley

Raphael Uribe

Nicola Manfredi

Kevin Hybels

Amelia Chikota 

Daniel Cress

Zach Anne

Sebastian Dittgen

Nick Smith

Coral Zheng

Evan Karas

Grace Cala

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