Hello, my name is Randy.

I am a PhD student in the Social and Personality area in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University working primarily with Dr. Vivian Zayas

My research focuses on understanding social interaction dynamics and the cognitive and affective processes that underlie them. Specifically, I'm interested in the automatic and deliberate ways we intrapsychically, interpersonally, and situationally regulate emotion (e.g., attachment behaviors, situation selection), and social belonging and exclusion at the interpersonal, communal, and institutional levels. 

In another line of work, I am interested in methodology and research dissemination. In this domain, I am researching how we can mitigate limitations in commonly used experimental designs and understand shared and idiosyncratic psychological processes, and how perceptions of research findings change depending on how they are presented. 

Previously, I attended UC Berkeley and earned my BA in psychology with high distinction and was awarded the Warner Brown Memorial Prize for Outstanding Promise in Psychological Research. After graduating, I was the lab manager for the joint Ozlem Ayduk and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Lab at UC Berkeley from 2016 to 2018.

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