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Hello, my name is Randy.

I am a PhD candidate in Social and Personality Psychology and Cognitive Science at Cornell University and a Graduate Resident Fellow at Carl Becker House working with Vivian ZayasCindy Hazan, and Tom Gilovich.

My research is focused on understanding social belonging and exclusion across different levels, including the interpersonal, group, institutional, and systemic. Specifically, I study (1) the automatic and deliberate ways emotions are socially regulated, (2) ambiguous social exclusion dynamics, and (3) strategies to enhance social connection and mitigate social disconnection.

In another line of work, I am interested in metascience and methodology. In this domain, I research how perceptions of research findings change depending on how they are presented, and how to best identify and quantify situational features that are most "psychologically active" for a given person. 

Previously, I attended UC Berkeley and earned my BA in psychology with high distinction. After graduating, I was the lab manager for the joint Ozlem Ayduk and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Lab at UC Berkeley from 2016 to 2018.

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