I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and spent the first three years of my life there before coming to America with my family to California to pursue better opportunities.


I started college at Mt. San Antonio College, a community college located in Walnut, California. Thanks to the support of numerous mentors and after earning associate degrees in psychology and political science, I transferred to the University of California, Berkeley and earned a bachelors degree in psychology with high distinction.

Upon arriving in Berkeley, I began a research position in Drs. Ozlem Ayduk and Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton's Relationships and Social Cognition Lab that would last the rest of my undergraduate studies and turn into a postgraduate lab manager position. During my time as an undergraduate, I also worked closely with Dr. Joseph Campos in the Infant Studies Center, was an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Dacher Keltner's Social Interaction Lab, and spent a summer as a research intern in New Haven at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence under Dr. Marc Brackett


Since the summer of 2018, I have been a PhD student in Cornell University's Social and Personality Psychology graduate program. With Dr. Vivian Zayas, I am currently examining the psychological and behavioral consequences of ambiguous social interaction dynamics (e.g., what happens when someone is included at the expense of a rejected person?). With Dr. Tom Gilovich, I am currently investigating conversation and conversation dynamics. Both of these projects are possible because of my wonderful research team

In collaboration with Dr. Yuichi Shoda at the University of Washington, Dr. Vivian Zayas and I are (1) developing methodological tools to understand the normative and idiosyncratic nature of a person’s “behavioral signatures," and (2) examining how perceptions of research findings change depending on how they are presented.

For fun, I enjoy going to concerts, eating spicy food, and supporting the California Golden Bears and Cornell Big Red. I have a pet cat named Cucumber